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Ninfa Perez – April 8, 2022 – Fashion Shows

In the set of supporting Kaimore Charity, One afternoon during a Fashion Week, I found myself making some unusual plans. Reviewing 10 designers in a Fashion show with fabulous Models, we sat in the front row in order to get a catch on the themes of the new trending season in Hollywood, CA —and not just the strength in beauty, but the idea of what Fashion promised was delivered in a fantastic time at ones that can be seen. The designer’s clothes were literally or artistic work of expression and inspiration to me in times of peace. I wore one of my favorite colors from my own design “StandSexy” wrapped in tulle in a sheer dress. 

Photo by Nelson Shen. –Ninfa Perez, designer.

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Hi, I’m Ninfa. I am a creative Artist. Previously a magazine editor. I became a full-time freelance writer in 2021. I spend most of my time reading and making woman’s dresses at my current residence but this blog is for my love of Fashion and for sharing my favorites with you!

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To some extent, fashion is a story, and many designers expressed in their creations about channeling their needs and experiences into their work. In the State of California, we’re just now easing out of lockdown, not having to wear masks in indoor events considering a few spring purchases, and cautiously planning for in-person shows since March. It was a proper chapter for the week, which was a positive idea in attitude and approach, as well as a playful reference. Below, is a collection of designers that define fashion now.